SMAIBY: the unique 3-in-1 changing lamp for warmth, light and safety.

SMAIBY keeps the temperature at the optimal 73.4°F as recommended by paediatricians.

SMAIBY creates a pleasant lighting ambience at the changing table.

SMAIBY warns you if you get too distracted while changing your baby.


SMAIBY offers innovative features combined in an elegant design – fully integrated into your smart home with control via app, speech and gestures.


Babies and toddlers are not yet able to regulate their body temperature themselves. When changing and especially after bathing, this means that your baby cools down and freezes quickly. Automatic heat regulation will help you, especially if you heat your home in an energy-conscious manner. It calms your child and keeps the temperature at the optimal 73.4°C as recommended by paediatricians.


The brightness and color of the integrated light can be adjusted. From a subtle night light to normal daylight to bright examination light – just as you need it at the moment.


A unique smart optical sensor with automatic image recognition is integrated in SMAIBY. The sensor is not connected to the internet. It automatically detects if you are near the baby with your hands. If this is not the case, e.g. because you are distracted, an acoustic and visual signal is given. Because falls from the changing table are the most common cause of accidents for babies in their first year of life. Even if you think it won’t happen to me, there are over 19,000 registered cases per year in Germany alone. And usually even if you are only briefly distracted at the changing table, e.g. by the doorbell or cell phone, by siblings or the countless other challenges in the household.


…SMAIBY is much more than just a lamp. Imagine SMAIBY being a protector making sure your child is safe, warm and secure – even when your mind wanders for a moment.


We are a young startup with a vision. For this we need your support. We appreciate any feedback. Just write to us, also if you want to know more about SMAIBY.

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